Alexandra is available for consultations at Lotus Health by appointment only, Monday to Friday.

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Alexandra Andrews ND MNHAA

Life & Transformational Coach

Alexandra Andrews“Coaching is a dynamic alliance that brings your goals and aspirations to the forefront and achieve your internal desires to create a fulfilled and happy life, while feeling safe and nurtured through the whole process.”

Alexandra is a formally trained Life & Transformational Coach. Her amazing energy, intuition, business and personal acumen is without any question, inspiring and contagious. Alexandra draws from a wealth of past experiences.

Alexandra’s mission is to create forward movement and to help create a better place for people than where they currently find themsleves. Her clients vary from Senior Executives, non-executives, business owners - men and women of all ages seeking support, clarity, direction and purpose in, business, work life, relationships, study and goal setting. She also works with students from Year 11 onwards - tomorrow's leaders.

Her passion to help individuals find, peace, joy, purpose and happiness in all they do.

Alexandra helps her clients with:

  • Finding and clarifying purpose
  • Stress relief and management
  • Creating and maintaining life balance
  • Clarity
  • Finding or re-finding their passion
  • Being happier and finding their ‘inner spark’ for life
  • Relationship changes
  • Communication break down
  • Sexual discrepancies
  • Affairs
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Sickness or death
  • Partners growth from one another
  • Weight loss and health
  • Performance acceleration
  • Life transitions
  • Finding blockages that hinder the promotion and/or enjoyment of life
Yoga and MeditationSmall group classes and one-on-one yoga therapy, general classes and with a specific therapeutic focus such as pre-natal.   Far infrared saunaThe Solo Sauna is designed to promote deep, natural, detoxifying sweat for relaxation and rejuvenation.   Intravenous nutrition IV Nutrition is available for people going through amalgam removal / heavy metal detoxification, and other health-related conditions.
Bring out the joy and passion in your life!