Kick start your health and wellbeing: 10 Health Pearls

Article supplied by Prue King

Kick start your health

TickSleep well, wake refreshed

7–8 hours/ night is ideal to refresh and renew, and is also good for weight loss. Seek treatment for snoring or sleep apnoea.

TickEat right for your body

Observe what works for you, digests well and energises – rather than what makes you feel dull and tired.

TickDon’t use caffeine as your source of energy

Limit coffee to 1 cup a day. Likewise, sugar is addictive, gives a short high then a slump and is linked to degenerative disease and poor dental health. Watch “That Sugar Film”.

TickTop up with good fats

Coconut oil, fish oils, hemp, flax and chia seeds, avocado, ghee and olive oil are all health-enhancing. Eliminate processed and trans fats such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and deep-fried foods.

TickManage your stress

Breathing wellEnsure some downtime every day and practice some sort of relaxation or meditation to reduce stress – yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, listening to relaxing music. Stress has been found to be the major contributor to most illnesses – it all comes from the mind.

TickBreathe well

Breathe slowly and fully – through your nose – to fully oxygenate your cells and release nitric oxide. Yoga pranayama practices and breathing retraining may help and can be designed for many different suboptimal breathing conditions to enhance wellbeing and healing.

TickGet your heart pumping

Include some strenuous exercise – check out “PACE fitness” for increasing your cardiovascular fitness in a 12 minute, 3 times a week workout. It really works!

TickCatch the sun

A small amount of sun exposure without sunscreen (20 minutes per day, without burning) is very good for your Vitamin D levels and general wellbeing

TickSweating is good!

Sweating is good and helps your body eliminate toxins – either through strenuous exercise or a sauna (Far Infra Red is very effective).

TickLook after your immune system

Ensure a healthy immune system by eliminating chronic infections such as dental abscesses or gum disease and exposure to toxic dental materials, other household and environmental products.


Need help or more information on any of these? Our practitioners at Lotus Health and Dental can offer advice, classes and guide you in your health choices.

Yoga and MeditationSmall group classes and one-on-one yoga therapy, general classes and with a specific therapeutic focus such as pre-natal.   Far infrared saunaThe Solo Sauna is designed to promote deep, natural, detoxifying sweat. Discover the health benefits of infrared sauna sessions..   Intravenous therapyIV Vitamin treatment has been shown to very beneficial for people going through amalgam removal and heavy metal detoxification, as well as many other health-related conditions.
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