Tips for a healthy heart and controlling
cholesterol healthy heart and cholesterolwithout drugs

Tips supplied by Prue King - extracted from Udo Erasmus's book Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill


  • Foods in their natural state - whole, and unrefined, lots of fresh organic vegetables & fruit, including plenty of fibre and sufficient protein from fish, and plant sources.
  • Essential fatty acids (omega 3 & omega 6 oils) –at least 1/3 of total fat intake, from seeds, nuts, flax & fish oils.
  • An adequate intake of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, especially Vitamins A, C, E & B3, zinc, magnesium, B3, selenium, copper, sulphur, chromium, carnitine & CoQ10(take a good quality, high potency multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement with these included) with extra Vit A ,C & E. These provide protection against cancer which statistically increases when cholesterol levels are kept low with a restricted, low fat diet or with cholesterol lowering drugs.
  • Drink sufficient fresh, pure water (2 – 3 L / day).
  • Indulge in deep breathing in, uncontaminated fresh air and spend some time each day outside in direct, unfiltered sunlight. Sunglasses that block UV should not be worn during this light-for-health time.
  • Exercise regularly, include stretching, aerobic and strengthening exercise for all round physical fitness.
  • Regular detoxing using antioxidants, chelating agents, increased fibre & water, saunas as appropriate.
  • Relax, rest, meditate and enjoy life with friends & family!


  • Non- essential fats, particularly hard, saturated animal fats and heated or refined, hydrogenated vegetable oils. Total fat consumption should be between 15 – 20% of total calories.
  • Sugar, white flour & refined starches - these are converted to hard, sticky fats and cholesterol and increase triglyceride (blood fat) levels. Some researchers believe there is a stronger link between high sugar and refined starch consumption and cardiovascular disease than with high cholesterol.
  • Excessive intake of animal products, especially milk. Vegetarians are shown to be less likely to have cardiovascular disease than non-vegetarian. The death rate from cardiovascular disease of strict vegetarians is only a 1/4 that of meat eaters. A strict vegetarian diet(no meat, no eggs and dairy products but plenty of fresh vegies and grains as well as smaller amounts of seeds, nuts and fruits) can lower a cholesterol level of 260 mg/dl to 160 mg/dl within a month.
  • Toxins – drugs, pesticides, additives, heavy metals, tobacco, caffeine.
  • Being overweight.
  • Stress!

    “With these measures a drug-based cholesterol lowering programme will be unnecessary for 99.8% of the population.” 

Udo Erasmus, 'Fats That Heal.Fats That Kill.'

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