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8:15 to 9:15pm
Starting October10

$160 for entire 8 weeks OR
$145 if you bring a friend.

Lotus Holistic Health Centre
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Yourself $160
Yourself and a friend $290
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Debora Fairfull
Facilitator - Sindar Kaur

'Meditation for Health & Happiness' ~ starts 10 October

Designed for people with daily responsibilities and busy lives

Facilitated by Sindar Kaur

Meditation for Health & HappinessA highly practical and easy to follow program for beginners or those with some experience.
Learn proven methods to restore inner calm in everyday life and make positive changes in your life now.





Can anyone meditate?

The practice of meditation is not bound to a personality type or any one correct method; nor is it necessary to master the art to gain benefits from doing it. When practiced consistently, the simplest of techniques will result in a clear, calm mind to meet with whatever challenges life throws at us.

Research shows that meditation can physically change the brain and be rewired for happiness (ABC Nightline US 2011) and can be effective in dealing with symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, bodily pain and other medical conditions.

The speed at which we move about in the world today and the unwanted stress, strain and burnout that follows, can leave us in a hyper-alert state that brings struggle to find mental calm and to deal with difficult emotions and situations, causing loss of enjoyment of life.

Benefits of meditation

  • Increases well-being, joy and quality of life
  • Promotes ability to relax and feel calm, clear and centred
  • Increases resilience and confidence in coping better with stressful situations
  • Greater ability to self-manage negative thoughts and emotions
  • Greater understanding of self and impact of our mental conditioning  
  • Can assists with a broad range of chronic problems

What you take away with you

  • Increased ability to relax and stay centred and calm
  • A personalised daily practice and program notes
  • Different techniques of meditation, and mini meditations and mindfulness practices to incorporate into daily life
  • Practical tips on how to overcome resistance
  • Tools to better manage re-active responses and stressful situations
  • Self -understanding of the impact of unproductive thoughts and behaviours

What people say about this course

  • It’s the best thing I’ve done. It has made a difference in all aspects of my life
  • Since starting meditation, my long term sleeping problems have disappeared completely!
  • Sindar’s sessions are simply inspirational and easy to follow.
  • Meditation has helped me deal with my stress, anxiety and depression. I’ve gained more self-acceptance and feel peaceful in myself.
  • I feel amazingly peaceful, grounded and calm after the sessions, and my whole quality of life has improved.
  • I felt deeply relaxed just from one session!
  • My positive outlook on life is greater than it’s ever been since I’ve been practicing meditation regularly with Sindar for the last 2 years.
  • Sindar’s teachings have inspired and energised my spirit in many ways

Articles of interest

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Mind over Matter: Can Meditation Bring Happiness


Relax. It’s Good for You

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