Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Mei discusses some principles and lists case studies.

Article supplied by Mei Deng
chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an holistic approach to wellness and is based on a set of interventions designed to restore and maintain balance to the human body. Its philosophy is a melding of tenets from ancient religious and philosophical ideas and thousands of years of observation and practical experience.

Chinese Medicine treats the root cause of a condition. "Someone with a headache for example will take a pain killer they have bought from a supermarket. The relief is often only short term and the headache will reappear. The Chinese medicine practitioner will look at what is causing this headache - which organs may be out of balance. "

She will focus on environment and nutrition as part of a holistic approach to her analysis. Long term effects of Chinese medicine are beneficial as opposed to “for minor and temporary ailments – should symptoms persist….” As printed on all “over the counter” medications.

An important tenet of traditional Chinese medicine is the prevention of disease. Onset of disease is never sudden – it takes periods of imbalance in our body’s systems before disease manifests itself.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is shown to improve a person's general health as well as treating specific diseases and disorders. It is not a self-enclosed system but can be used in combination with conventional medicine. It has proved especially effective when used to treat the side effects of Western modalities of treatment.

Do you suffer from poor sleep? Persistent headaches? Bloating? Loose stool or constipation? Feel sluggish or puffy? Irritable, short tempered, often not happy? Eyes out of focus? Vagueness? Poor memory? Cold hands and feet or always feel cold? Joint pain? Sinus problems? Daytime or night sweats and hot feet? Period pain, emotional? Infertility? Or unexplained symptoms? These are just some of the ailments that Mei can help treat.

"Do you want to have a long and healthy life? Do you want to enhance your beauty? I am very happy with my patients, 98% of them after treatment have become more beautiful and healthy". Mei

Case Study Examples:

Case 1: A 23 year old woman who suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder since she was 18 years old.
Symptoms: She wasn’t eating and drinking enough as she was frightened that she would lose control of her bodily functions. She was very thin and urinated every hour; she experienced heart palpitations 2-3 times a week, had hot sweaty hands and feet, and repeatedly checked that the door was closed.
Treatment: Acupuncture 2 times a week.
In this case, I focused on the cause of the symptoms, the body’s condition and which organ was out of balance.
Result: After 16 sessions of acupuncture, all the symptoms ceased, she put on weight and can be described as clinically healed.

Case 2: A 30 year old woman who had been on antidepressant medication for 3 years. Prior to treatment she was consuming too much alcohol and taking drugs.
Symptoms: She described always feeling hungry yet eating enough; feeling tired during the day, hot in the night, restless sleep and nightmares.
Treatment: Acupuncture.
Result: After 3 months of treatment all symptoms had ceased; she stopped taking her antidepressant medication under her doctor’s supervision, stopped taking drugs and was drinking much less alcohol. She was described as clinically healed.

Case 3: A 65 year old woman who suffered from MS for over 10 years.
Symptoms: She experienced pain and weakness in her right arm and leg, dry eyes and mouth, night sweats, thirsty, hot feet, restless sleep. She has been on medication for depression for about 15 years and for MS about 10 years, at present the results of her blood test for liver is GGT220 U/L, LD285 U/L, AST140U/L, ALT194 U/L. she had this blood result for a month, her doctor concedes to stop her medication for MS which she took for 10 years to support her energy, so she can work as normal. The patient came to see me as she wanted to find a solution and she thought may be Chinese medicine can help her.
Treatment: After acupuncture and herbal medicine (two sessions) her blood result became almost normal (GG59 U/L, LD239 U/L, AST22U/L, ALT24 U/L). After a 9 month follow up, her blood result remained almost normal. She still maintained her medication as before

Case 4: A 37 year old woman who experienced pain in the right side of her abdomen and some menstrual bleeding during the middle of her cycle for 1 year.
Doctors could neither find any problem, nor explain what was wrong. Her hormone levels were not normal and she had taken progesterone since 05-02- 2005.
(05-02-2005) LH 18.3IU/L, FSH 5.7IU/L.
(08-10-2005) LH 8.4IU/L, FSH 3.5 IU/L).
(21-03 2006) LH 6.4IU/L, FSH 6.7 IU/L
Treatment: She first consulted me 2/2/2006. After 5 acupuncture treatments, the pain and bleeding stopped and her blood result for hormones become normal it was LH 6.4IU/L, FSH 6.7 IU/L.

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